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Inter-AS MPLS MVPN – Part 2 – Option C with three labels and recursive FEC

-+*Another option for implementing option C is to use labelled IPv4 unicast sessions between the PEs and the ASBRs (or most likely through a route reflector). In a BGP-free core, the P routers have no knowledge of the PE routers

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NTS: Multicast VPN

-+*Multicast VPN is defined in RFC 6513 and RFC 6514. Cisco’s Multicast VPN is defined in RFC 6037. Two solutions PIM/GRE mVPN or draft-rosen (RFC 6037) PIM adjacencies between PEs to exchange mVPN routing information unique multicast address per VPN

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-+*In legacy MVPN scenarios there will be a GRE encapsulated MDT tunnel is created among the PEs and the entire customer multicast traffic of a particular VPN will be encapsulated with the MDT group address and tunneled it. In MLDP

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