Hello, and welcome to the first post of my CCIE blog

My name is Joaquim Fernandes living in India and used to work as Solution Architect for one of the Cisco Gold Partner.

My blog is a way to keep a record of what I’m currently learning, and a way to make my work publicly accessible. The intention of this blog is to provide clear and concise articles in different networking technologies, focused but not limited to CCIE.

In 2014 I and Arshad Dhunna decided to create this blog and wanted it to be different from any other networking blog I have come across over the years. In my opinion CCIEBLOGGER is unique because this blog will cover all the CCIE tracks which Cisco has to offer today and in future.

I have been working exclusively in cisco networking field for almost 9 years and overall 12 years of IT experience. I started my IT career in 2003 as a Hardware Engineer for a period of 1 year, 2 years as IT Helpdesk support and Server Admin, 4 Years as Networking Engineer, 3 Years as Solution Architect and then into CCIE training. I passed the CCNA exam in 2004, CCNP & CCVP in 2006 and around Jan 2010 I decided to go for CCIE status.

My main motives to reach CCIE status are personal. Although I did get a great deal of satisfaction after passing CCNA and CCNP I didn’t however feel like I was fully stretched during the learning track.

The CCIE represents the pinnacle of the industry I work in and something that I know will push me to the limits. The journey to the ultimate Cisco Certification is a long one, most candidates say they put in around 1000 hours on the command line and hours and hours of reading. This is not an exam you can pass by swatting up on a few practice questions. This is a real world exam testing your configuration and troubleshooting skills on Cisco hardware. Once you have completed it you will put yourself among an elite group of engineers worldwide.

When approaching the CCIE I decided that I would keep the lab and written exams quite separate, from previous experience of Cisco exams I believe the written exams do require knowledge from ‘real-life’ but it’s mainly about knowing the theory. The lab exam is all about turning the theory into practice and will involve a lot of hands-on study time.

When not designing, building and troubleshooting networks or Training, I love to do Gardening, walking my Dogs and spending time with my Family.

My networking heroes are Scott Morris, Brian McGahan, Brian Dennis and Shahin Mammadov.

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