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BGP has a new friend – BGP-Based SDN

*+-The Software Defined Networking (SDN) framework has a large and varied context. Multiple components may or may not be used, OpenFlow being one of them. Some evolving SDN use cases leverage the capabilities of the OpenFlow protocol while others do not

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A Network Designer’s Thought Process Part 2 by Cary Chen

*+-Develop network designs What do I consider when developing network design options? I believe that OSPF area design could affect OSPF stability, scalability, convergence, optimal routing, interaction with other features, and ease of operation, maintenance, and troubleshooting. What design options

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BGP Route Reflector

*+-Purpose The purpose is to reduce the number of iBGP peers Advantage over confederation is route reflector can be implemented in stages, where else confederation is an all or no. only the router reflector needs to be configured, the other

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CCDE: Myth Busters and the CCDE Practical Exam Question Types

*+-How the mechanics of the different question types work This blog is in response to a reader (and potentially many others) who wants to know more about the types of questions they will encounter on the CCDE practical exam and

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