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Visual Voicemail

*+-Creating a Voicemail Pilot Number for Visual Voicemail Step 1 Select Voicemail–>Voicemail Pilot in Cisco Unified Communications Manager Administration Step 2 Select Add New Step 3 Enter a directory number for the voicemail pilot for visual voicemail in the voicemail

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How to remove myphoneapp & extension mobility from Skinny and Sip Phones

*+-Skinny Phones ———————- ephone 1 exclude myphoneapp exclude em telephony-services create cnf Sip Phones —————- voice register pool 1 exclude myphoneapp exclude em vice register global no create profile reset create profile

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CME 9.1 Shared line between SIP and SCCP Phone

*+-voice register pool  1 id mac aaaa.bbbb.cccc number 1 dn 6 ! voice register dn  6 number 852 allow watch name Joaquim shared-line max-calls 16 label Joaquim ! ephone-dn  6  octo-line number 852 label Arshad name Arshad shared-line sip !

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Cisco Jabber for Windows on CallManager Express

*+-Components Used The information in this document is based on these software and hardware versions: Integrated Services Router Generation 2 (ISR G2) router that runs Cisco IOS® version 15.3(3)M or later A PC with an operating system compatible with Jabber

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