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Cisco Nexus 1000V Series Layer 3 Troubleshooting

*+-Cisco Nexus 1000V Series Layer 3 Troubleshooting: [Download PDF]

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Extension Mobility – How to Cut Out the Login Step

*+-Cisco Extension Mobility feature allows users to temporarily access their Cisco IP Phone configurations such as lines, services, and speed dials from other Cisco IP Phones. With Extension Mobility configured any user can log in to Cisco IP phone to

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Setting up L3 control on Nexus 1000V

*+-In version 1.2 of the Nexus 1000V we introduced L3 based connectivity for control traffic between the VSM and its VEMs. We did this because in some environments it’s just not possible to have L2 connectivity between VSM and all

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Cisco Reverses CCIE Scheduling Policy Changes

*+-Cisco changed the CCIE Lab Exam retake policy to an exponential backoff, meaning that the more attempts you took at the lab the more time you had to wait between attempts. In a sudden change of heart, today Cisco announced

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