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Multicast – All you need to know for the CCIE R&S lab

*+-We all know how much information is on the internet about multicast and believe me my intension is not to create another post about multicast just so it’s there and is not different from what you can find on the internet

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Multicast – Auto-RP over NBMA Design Issues

*+-This video covers the advanced design issues with running Multicast and Auto-RP over NBMA networks such as Frame-Relay Hub-and-Spoke.  Specifically this video focuses on possible solutions such as sparse-dense mode, sparse-mode with auto-rp listener, sparse-mode with a default RP placement,

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Multicast – Multicast for CCIE – Static RP

*+-Now Multicast is not really that difficult to configure, there are only a handful of commands. The problem most people suffer with is that they don’t know how to properly troubleshoot it and when it doesn’t work, they have nowhere

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