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Scenario#45: 7841 SIP phone in Registration loop

*+-I was working on this customer issue last week where they added a new 7841 phone but it was not registering properly or should I say it was registering briefly before unregistering. Call Manager was which does not support

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CCIE DC: Multihop FCoE on Nexus 5k

*+-In this blog post I will show one of the examples given by Erik, which is multihop FCOE Configuration on the Nexus 5k’s in the hope that it will help someone out there. Authors note: I think that the order

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AAA Override with ACS5.2

*+-In this post we will see how to use “AAA override” feature of a WLAN combined with RADIUS server configuration,  to override settings assigned by WLAN. You can change VLAN, QoS profile with 802.1p, ACL, etc using this this. We

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*+-So let’s check out FCoE NPV, first a quick word of advice: Make sure when switching fibre channel modes (NPV vs FC Switching) make sure you completely write erase before you switch modes. Without further adue, let’s look at the

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*+-NPV: N-port visualization +——————-+ |                                  | | NPIV core           | |                  

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MGCP UDP ports

*+-MGCP uses UDP for sending clear text messages for control. ————Callmanager MGCP ports:——————– CCM to gateway — uses src and destination UDP port 2427 (vice versa) Gateway to CCM – Keepalive and backhaul port – TCP port 2428.    

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MGCP messages

*+-a. RSIP – Restart in Progress – When you reset a gateway this message is sent by gateway to CA. b. AUEP and AUCX – Audit End point and Audit COnnection. – These messages are issued by the CA to

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MDS initial configuration example

*+-==task== 1. config port fc1/1 as ports of the vsan and enable them ==config== conf t vsan datab vsan  11 vsan datab vsan ## int fc1/1 int fc1/1 no shut ==verify commands === show int ## br show flogi datab

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6608 MGCP configuration

*+-To configure a 6608 blade to register with Callmanager, do the following, a. Log into the 6500 switch and do a sh module to find the slot number in which 6608 is installed b. Do a “set port voice interface

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MGCP – Strip Trailing #

*+-Trailing# works only with the @ pattern. Other discard digits like PreDot, PreAt etc works fine with any pattern, ex: 9.1[2-9]XX[2-9]XXXXXX In CCM 4.1, you don’t need to define any discard digit rules to remove trailing#. CCM considers trailing #

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