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Cisco MDS Smart Zoning

*+-I was doing some reading this morning on the new MDS 9710 Director Class switch and came across a feature I hadn’t heard of before. The feature is called “Smart Zoning” and is a real godsend for SAN and data

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Autonomous Wireless Bridge

*+-Autonomous Wireless Bridge Here are two new videos about how to configure a wireless bridge using autonomous APs.   Sourced from:

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SIP Trunking: OCS – What Is It? Why Do I Need It? How Do I Deploy It?

*+-A SIP trunk is a direct connection between your organization and an Internet telephony service provider (ITSP). It enables you to extend voice over IP (VoIP) telephony beyond your organization’s firewall without the need for an IP-PSTN gateway. This simpler

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RRM (Radio Resource Management) deep dive

*+-I has several questions about details on RRM mechanism, so I uploaded 5 videos on Youtube about RRM: The first video ( describes RRM principles The second video ( goes deeper into RRM and provides useful information if you are

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Cisco IPS – Creating a custom signature

*+-Cisco IPS sensor in current version of 7.something has over five thousand sigs, out of which more than one thousand are enabled. However, there will be times when we have to create a custom signature to fit our needs. Let’s

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Configure and Troubleshoot Call Forward to the PSTN using SIP Trunks

*+-Introduction With the increased usage of mobility features and work from home scenarios, there is increased demand for the ability to transfer incoming calls from the PSTN back out to different PSTN destinations. When using SIP trunks for PSTN connectivity

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TPC vs DTPC vs World mode

*+-Have you heard about TPC (Transmit Power Control), DTPC (Dynamic Transmit Power Control), and World Mode? They look the same, but do not actually do the same things… let’s have a quick look at each of them: World Mode is

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Cisco UCS Firmware 1.4

*+-I have to say now that I have had a chance to implement Cisco UCS firmware 1.4 and look at the new features I am blown away. Cisco should have made this version 2.0. Here is a list of my

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WCS – adding controller with SNMP V3

*+-I found sometimes controllers don’t seem to be added easily to WCS using SNMP v3. It adds fine most of times without much hassles. When it does not add properly, It’s quite nightmare. It is because there are not much

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Cisco UCS 1.4 Post Upgrade Warnings

*+-After upgrading our UCS lab to 1.4 all of my Service Profiles and Service Profile Templates were in a warning state with blue boxes around them. There wasn’t an outage and all of our blades were still functioning. The warnings

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